About Us

We are an experienced and highly professional essay service, specialized in academic writing in general. EssayDone.net has been around for years already and is now known as one of the leaders of this business. With a roster of 1500 writers there’s nothing impossible for us.

The Writers

We never stop looking for qualified essay writers to employ because they’re the base of our whole service. In order to pick the best out of the best, we’ve devised an extremely complex and challenging test for their skills and experience. Even before taking it, every candidate has to meet a set of requirements, namely:

  • Being native English speakers
  • Holding MA degree or higher (PhD is preferred)
  • Having at least 2 years of successful writing experience (we check the works thoroughly)

After that, all the applicants take the test and usually one in every 800 has a chance to join our essay writers team. Those who succeed are truly unique people, able to perform incredible feats of academic work, including consulting, research, experiments and sometimes simultaneously. You may ask “why would top level professionals work for you?”. The answer is simple – easy money. They all have full-time jobs, but what if you could spend an hour a day to earn even more? You would. Of course, we have to pay generously for the work of such experts, but we’re still affordable and our prices are 14% lower than the maximum in this business.

The Prices

We don’t provide cheap essay writing services, but remember that you get exactly what you’ve paid for. If you trust some other company that features low prices, don’t expect even decent quality from them. It’s obvious that you can’t make professionals work for free and that means the essays will be written by random people, if not downloaded from the internet. That, of course, would lead to plagiarism and severe academic penalties. On the other hand, we form reasonable prices and maintain the very quality you need in your work. More than 800000 satisfied students cannot be wrong with their positive feedback – we hold on to our guarantees.

The Guarantees

As a reputed and respectable essay service, we don’t promise anything – we strongly guarantee the quality. Our customers benefit from these:

  • Delivery on schedule guarantee. We hold your deadline as our deadline and do our best not to miss it in any case.
  • 100% Anti-Plagiarism protection guarantee. Copyright violation is a terrible academic crime that we’re in a constant war with. There’s no chance for any plagiarized text to appear in your paper, so you shouldn’t worry about that.
  • 24/7 Support Guarantee. EssayDone.net works non-stop, without any breaks or day-offs. When you need our help – you are going to get it. Our Customer Support is always available on the phone or Live Chat so if you have any questions, don’t look at the time – just contact us.
  • 2 weeks of revisions guarantee. In the extremely rare cases when something’s not right, the writer (provided it’s his fault) has to revise everything in no more than two weeks for free.

Come on and try our service out – you’ll see what it means to take it all easy.


Nowadays, students prefer custom writing agencies to conventional and tiresome academic writing. Internet generation prefers freedom, swiftness and untethered opportunities.

United Kingdom

Best experience thus far with your company! Writer was excellent! Requests to use writer for future orders. Outstanding.

United Kingdom

The actual essay was AWESOME, done with great professionalism and detail. I was very concerned with how close I came to missing the deadline due to extension requests. Fortunately, you folks pulled it off before it was due. I am tickled with the final project.


United States

The writer did an excellent job again!!!! The work was done on time and the length of the paper was correct! Thank you again! I look forward to other work from this writer!

United States

Writer did an excellent job on my essay and had it done in plenty of time before my deadline. Will do business again. Thank you!